Project Description

Conservation at Ol Lentille

In 2001 the community-owned Kijabe Group Ranch determined to set aside 2,000 hectares/5,000 acres (a full one third) of their grazing and settlement land for conservation tourism, and with the support of the African Wildlife Foundation, established The Kijabe Trust to promote and manage the project   They have been increasingly successful in excluding livestock in this area; and increasingly successful in attracting and securing growing numbers of important wildlife species.

In July 2005, the Ranch, entered into a 25 year partnership agreement with Regenesis Ltd. Regenesis is a Kenyan company set up to invest in community based conservation and tourism. Its executive directors are John and Gill Elias, a British couple who relocated to Kenya in 2004 to undertake such an enterprise. John is a former international company director, and Gill a lawyer turned teacher.


Recently, an agreement has been reached with the neighbouring Nkiloriti Group Ranch to add a further 600 hectares/1,500 acres to the conservation area. At the same time it has been named The Ol Lentille Conservancy. We are also working closely with our Samburu neighbours to help them to establish their own 10,000 acre conservation area.

Both Ranches have also recently set limits on the numbers of livestock to be carried on the remainder of their land. This is already having beneficial effects on grazing quality and sustainability, tree preservation and erosion.