Project Description

The Conservancy

The 6500 acre Ol Lentille Conservancy is home to the endangered African wild dog, greater kudu, leopard, both the striped and the spotted hyena, and klipspringer, as well as more common species.


The community-owned Kijabe Group Ranch has set aside a full one third of its grazing and settlement land for conservation. We have been successful in excluding livestock in this area; and increasingly successful in attracting and securing growing numbers of important wildlife species. Recently, neighbouring Nkiloriti Group Ranch added a further 600 hectares/1,500 acres to the conservation area. The Ranches have also now set limits on the numbers of livestock to be carried on the remainder of their land. This is already having beneficial effects on grazing quality and sustainability, tree preservation and erosion.

Importantly, The Ol Lentille Conservancy is at the heart of the greater Naibunga Conservancy which joins together the conservation areas of seven other Group Ranches in a 17,000 hectare/43,000 acre tract of northern Laikipia. We support these ranches to help them secure and improve their conservancies.

Guests with interest or expertise may wish to add their support to our conservation projects.