An evening at a Manyatta

An experience like no other

This is an immersive experience of a moment in the life of a traditional Maasai homestead (a manyatta). Our chef will prepare your dinner, a roasted goat bought from the community, to ensure the quality of the ingredients and of the preparation. The rest of your experience will be completely unfiltered and authentic. As you arrive at the manyatta, just before dusk, you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of the village as the children return from the bush with their goats, the women start to prepare dinner for them and the elders settle in around the campfire for their evening discussions. Join them for a drink and a chat about current issues, politics, conservation, or perhaps hear some stories about their ancestors and the different Maasai clans. In the meantime chef David will have set up a grill and will be preparing your dinner, served at a table set up under a tree with hanging lanterns. After dinner, you may hear the haunting notes of women, just visible in the distance, singing a farewell song.

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