Walking Adventures

Interpretive walks

An interpretive walk tells a story and this beautiful tale unwinds at a leisurely pace as you spend a couple of hours strolling in the bush with your Maasai or Samburu guide. They'll share their ancient knowledge on how many of the plants you'll encounter are used in traditional medicine - from treating a fever or burn to curing a stomach ache. Depending on the season, you might also forage for ingredients that you'll get to enjoy later on when they're used to create a delicious lunch or dinner.

More vigorous walks

Your guide can also take you for more active walks across valleys and mountains, to discover parts of the Conservancy that are not accessible by vehicle. You might also want to climb Ol Lentille peak, Laikipia's highest peak, an invigorating 30mn climb. Or simply walk across the valley which you can see from your room to Hyena Hill for an early cup of coffee while you watch the sun rising.

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